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Daniel Wendler

Founder and Google Advertising Guru

Dr. Daniel Wendler left a successful career in online marketing to pursue his dream of becoming a clinical psychologist, but wanted to use his marketing skills to help his new therapist colleagues. So he founded Marketing For Therapists to help therapists everywhere grow their practices and serve more clients.

Dan has been featured as an expert on marketing by Bloomberg magazine, the American Psychological Association, and the Practice of the Practice podcast (among many others.) He’s personally launched successful advertising campaigns for hundreds of therapists, and taught tens of thousands more through his book Clicking with Clients and his webinars and interviews.


Publications & Appearances

Mark Lipowski, MBA

SEO Director

With an effective mix of digital strategy and online marketing experience, Mark helps therapists achieve top-tier results. His approach to this exciting work is based upon the simplest of philosophies: Deliver exceptional value to the client and enjoy the process.

Over the years, Mark has had the opportunity to provide online marketing services to a wide variety of clients. These include some of the world’s largest brands (General Motors, Carhartt, Hyundai), as well as an exciting number of smaller firms and start-ups.


  • MBA in Strategy and Marketing from the University of Michigan
  • BS in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University
  • Founded and managed a successful digital marketing agency

Addy Wagner

Customer Success Director

Addy Wagner connects with therapists to learn about them, their goals, and their practice. She takes the time to understand each potential client and loves creating personalized solutions to help our therapists obtain new clients, increase revenue, and reach their marketing goals.

Addy has worked with digital marketing and small businesses for over 7 years. One of her main goals is to bring ‘good’ back into the marketing world. To promote products and services that will benefit & help people. Honesty, Kindness, Positivity, Creativity, and Good Vibes are the best policy.


  • BA in Advertising and Public Relations
  • Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA)
  • NCAA Women’s Basketball Athlete

Nita Diaz

Content Director

Nita Diaz is a bilingual health and wellness writer and movement enthusiast. Her goal is to craft well-researched, vibrant, and easy-to-digest content that helps you connect with your audience and grow your practice.

Nita leverages her video production background, storytelling experience, and passion for self-care in her writing. She spends her free time journaling, lifting weights, and contemplating life upside down from her yoga mat. Whether you are looking for engaging website copy or refreshing blog content, Nita can find the colors (and words) to tell your unique story!


  • Bachelor in Communications, Audiovisual Arts
  • Post-Graduate Degree in Film Production
  • Owner of Nita’s Coloring Book

Kelsey Cottingham

Content Specialist

Kelsey is a seasoned professional with a rich background in content marketing, having spent nearly a decade honing her skills in advertising agencies and tech companies. Her journey in this dynamic field has equipped her with a deep understanding of crafting narratives that resonate with diverse audiences, making her an adept storyteller and strategist.

When the world shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kelsey embraced the opportunity for personal and professional growth. She pursued her passion for helping others by obtaining a Master of Social Work (MSW). Today, as a licensed therapist and a writer, she seamlessly blends her marketing expertise with her therapeutic skills. Kelsey approaches each writing project with the same customized care she offers her therapy clients, ensuring that every piece is not only informed by best practices but also tailored to meet the unique needs and nuances of the audience.


  • LMSW in the state of New York
  • MSW from Columbia University
  • BS in Communications from Northwestern University

Alan Wendler, MBA

Leadership & Business Consultant

During Alan’s time in the high-tech industry, the team he led was directly responsible for billions of dollars (yes, with a B) in annual sales. But Alan’s greatest passion as a leader was never the money – it was the people. Alan specialized in unlocking the potential of the people on his team, helping them discover their unique gifts and building up a future generation of leaders.

Today, Alan works as a leadership consultant, helping small businesses apply the same leadership skills he used to negotiate billion dollar deals on the world stage. If you’re looking for a trusted guide to help you as you lead your practice, I don’t think you could do better.


  • Former VP of Sales for major international technology firm
  • Managed over 3 billion in annual revenue
  • MBA from University of St. Thomas

Morgan Wofford

Web Designer

Bringing a unique blend of SEM expertise, technical skill, and ELI5 simplicity, Morgan is committed to elevating your online presence. She loves reaching folks in need of quality therapy, and helping you help them. With a background rooted in digital media and data-driven strategy, Morgan has built her web design skills with passion projects, her own freelance work, and continuous training.

Morgan discovered a love for programming in the middle of her career, and has worked at Adlucent, where Dan mastered SEM! She’s ecstatic to help therapists in ways that benefit everyone, and she enjoys the technical nature of her work as much as the tangible impact it makes on the world. She’s also an avid cyclist, yogi, and keyboard nerd.


  • BS in Advertising, Media, and Analytics from UT Austin
  • Certified Excel expert. Automates things for fun!
  • Has managed $150 to $500,000+ in monthly SEM spend with exceptional results.

Website Examples

Anna Altice

Paid Search Specialist

Anna is your go-to digital marketer for crafting targeted and effective Google Ads campaigns. She comes with agency experience and has a history of launching successful marketing campaigns for a diverse range of clients.  Whether you’re aiming to attract new clients, increase awareness, or enhance your online presence, Anna optimizes each campaign to align with your unique needs.

Anna enjoys the strategy aspect of paid search as well as reporting and storytelling. From conceptualization to execution, Anna brings an innovative mindset that ensures your therapy practice stands out in the digital landscape. 


  • BS in Marketing and Graphic Design from Missouri State University
  • Certified in Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and AI Powered Ads.
  • Local Austin Artist

Mali the Cat

“Feed me right meow” director

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