Affiliate Disclosure

Many of the links to products or services that I recommend on this site are affiliate links, which means that if you click on that link and make a purchase, I get a commission.

These commissions go directly towards defraying the cost of my graduate school education, so it really helps me out when you use an affiliate link. Also, the affiliate links don’t cost you anything extra. However, if you’d rather not use an affiliate link for whatever reason, you can always use Google to go to the company I recommend directly.

I should note that I only use affiliate links for products or services that I would have recommended anyway. I only recommend companies that I’ve either used myself and loved (like Namecheap for domain names) or that I’ve researched extensively (like WP Engine for your WordPress site.) The extra income from affiliate links really helps me out, but my top priority is giving quality advice, not making money. If you have any questions about my use of affiliate links, or you’re not sure why I’ve recommended a particular company, feel free to contact me and let me know.

Also, I do not have any affiliate relationships with the therapist websites that I link to. If I link to another therapist’s website, it’s only because their website is a good example of either something you should do, or something you should not do. If you are one of the therapists I’ve linked to, I’ll remove you from my site if you like, although my links will probably boost your SEO a bit so you might benefit from keeping them up.

Ok, that probably wasn’t very interesting. But thanks for reading! In exchange for your attention, here is a picture of my cat.



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