SEO Services for Therapists

If you want clients to find you online, you need an SEO strategy.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” Search engine optimization is a collection of techniques that help your practice appear when a potential client searches for a therapist.

SEO can seem intimidating, but you don’t need to worry. The basics of SEO are pretty straightforward, and you don’t need technical skills to get started. I explain everything you need to know in my free easy-to-follow SEO guide for therapists.

However, many therapists get stuck on the path to SEO success when it comes time to fill their website with great SEO-friendly content. Writing content that appeals to both human readers and the search engines is difficult, and takes valuable time away from running your practice (not to mention your self-care!) And outsourcing your writing to someone else is a gamble, since most SEO consultants don’t understand the world of psychotherapy.

SEO Content Writing

To solve this problem, I partnered with my friend and colleague Kyler Shumway, M.A. Kyler is also a doctoral student in clinical psychology and has published dozens of articles on psychotherapy all around the web. Kyler collaborates with you to develop a list of topics that are best suited to improving your marketing results, while also taking the time to learn your therapeutic style to make sure that his writing reflects your unique “voice.” The result is SEO-optimized content that is tailored to your specific practice and custom-written to ensure both readability and clinical accuracy (no pseudoscience or outdated data in our writing!)

Here’s what our content writing services can do for you:

SEO Writing Features

  1. Analysis Of Your Practice: We work to to develop an understanding of your practice, so our writing can reflect what makes your practice unique.
  2. Search Engine Research: We research the questions that your potential clients are searching for, and make sure we incorporate these questions into our writing.
  3. SEO-Friendly Design We follow SEO best practices to make each article attractive to the search engines – including providing at least 800 words per page.
  4. People-First Writing Writing that attracts search engines but repels potential clients doesn’t help you at all. That’s why we make sure your content is engaging to read, and understandable by lay people.
  5. Evidence-Based Foundation We make sure that our content represents current research and evidence-based practice. It’s common for our pages to have a list of sources that include academic journals and professional publications.
  6. Conversion Focus Your website is designed to bring you clients, and so is our website writing. We structure each article to guide readers towards signing up for your services, and typically end with a call to action.
  7. Local Directory Help All packages include free guidance through the process of getting listed in the top local directories. For a small additional fee, we can spruce up any profile you wish to ensure that your practice stands out.

Website Content Pricing

We follow a simple pricing structure.

For topics that Kyler has training or clinical experience in, we charge $200 per page.

You can see a partial list of topics that Kyler has first-hand expertise in here:

For topics that Kyler does not have first-hand experience in, additional hours of research are required to make sure that our content accurately reflects your practice and the current state of the research literature for that topic. In those cases, an additional fee is applied to cover the time investment for this research. We’ll provide you with a specific quote for this fee if it becomes necessary, and you’ll have the option to pay the fee or choose other topics that are within Kyler’s area of existing expertise.

One revision per page is included – additional revisions are quoted based on the scope of the revision. If you’re not sure if Kyler’s style will be a fit for you, we suggest that you review our work samples or commission just a single page to start with.

Editing & Coaching Services

Prefer to write your content on your own, but want some extra guidance? Kyler also offers editing and coaching services.

Editing Services

Kyler can edit your existing content and help you take it to the next level.

Editing services are provided per page (up to 1,000 words.) After you receive Kyler’s initial feedback on your page, you can submit revisions to him and receive feedback twice more at no extra charge. In addition to feedback on your specific page, Kyler will also provide guidance on your writing style in general, helping you to improve for future writing projects.

Writing Coaching

Need more free-form help? Kyler can also help you choose topics to write on, discover how to translate your therapeutic presence into a strong writing voice, and discover opportunities to share your writing with the world through blogging, guest posting, or even writing your own book. Coaching is generally provided by email so that Kyler has the ability to research opportunities for you and respond to specifics of your existing content – Kyler will keep track of his time in reading and responding to your emails, and will work as efficiently as possible to maximize your investment.


We offer straightforward pricing here too.

One page of editing services: $175
One hour of coaching services: $225

I also offer some discounts!

  • If you sign up for my AdWords package, you can receive $50 towards either your first page of writing or your first hour of coaching. (Unfortunately, this discount is not offered for our other SEO services.)
  • If you purchase five or more pages of editing services or hours of coaching services, you receive a 20% discount. You can mix and match, so you could sign up for three pages of editing and two hours of coaching, or any other combination that you prefer. This offer stacks with the $50 AdWords discount.

Directory Pricing

We can also make sure your directory profiles shine. A high-quality profile on directory sites such as Yelp or Psychology Today provides another opportunity for clients to discover you, and also boosts your SEO performance since these directories offer high-value links back to your site.

Because you need to verify ownership of your business in order to create an account on most directories, you will need to take the first step of creating each account. Our team handles the rest – writing compelling descriptions of your practice, making sure all information about your business is accurate, and ensuring that you get the highest possible value out of each directory listing.

Our pricing for profile optimization varies based on the directory, since some directories ask a lot more questions and therefore require more time and research to complete. You can see our full price list (as well as links to sign up for each profile) below.

$150 per profile:
Psychology Today (sign up here)
Health Grades (sign up here)
Good Therapy (sign up here) – use coupon TRIAL90DW to receive 90 days free!
Yellow Pages (sign up here)
Google My Business (sign up here) AND Bing Places (sign up here) – you get both

Other Services


In addition to SEO consulting, I also offer AdWords consulting. Both services help your site show up in the search results, but they achieve success in different ways.

Google’s search results are a combination of ads (placed there by advertisers) and what are called “organic” results (placed there by Google’s algorithm.) Adwords is the system you use to manage your advertisements, while SEO refers to the techniques you use to convince Google’s algorithm that your site deserves to show up in the free listings.

Or to put it another way: Adwords is like paying the bouncer at a club the cover fee every time you want to enter. SEO is like trying to convince the bouncer that you are a celebrity and he should let you in for free.

Both are helpful for building your practice, so it might be a good strategy to invest in both. To help make it easier, I offer a $50 discount if you hire me for both AdWords and SEO.

Website Design

While content writing is the biggest part of SEO, it’s not the only part. Having a website that loads quickly, looks great, and follows SEO technical best practices also goes a long way towards boosting your SEO performance. I suggest Brighter Vision for therapist websites – they do a great job on making sites that are appealing to both search engines and human readers. They provide free no-obligation consultations, so if you’re not sure if your website needs improvement, I suggest you schedule a short call with them.

Backlink building

When another site links to you, that’s called a “backlink.” As I explain in my SEO guide, backlinks are important for boosting your SEO performance.

The easiest way to generate backlinks is to write guest posts for other local websites or national therapy websites. (For instance, I have generated backlinks for this website by writing for If you find guest post opportunities, our writing opportunity is happy to ghostwrite the guest post for you, or provide you with a starting draft that you can then edit to make it your own. For long-term clients, we are also able to help research guest posting and other backlink opportunities.

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