Video Resources

I produced a series of video guides for the American Psychological Association. These guides are focused on professional development more generally, so they’re helpful whether you’re trying to market your practice or just build your own personal brand. Most are a little under an hour long, so they’re a perfect way to grow your knowledge on your lunch break.

Give a TEDx Talk as a Psychologist

Learn strategies for getting invited to a TEDx stage, figure out your “big idea,” and deliver a talk of a lifetime.

Supercharge Your Slides

Learn strategies for making snazzy (but professional) slideshow presentations. Learn how to use the latest technology to augment visual communication while avoiding some of the classic presentation blunders.

DIY Graphic Design

Learn how to create simple professional designs, such as logos and diagrams, using free or easily accessible digital resources.

Generate Side Income Online as a Psychologist

Additional income streams can provide you with financial flexibility and the opportunity to rapidly develop new skills.

How To Lead Without A Title

Discover alternative avenues for being a leader, identify practical strategies for making an impact and learn to recognize and overcome personal barriers to leadership.

Building Your First Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a great way for psychologists to share their ideas or supercharge their professional presence.

DIY Videos For Your Therapy Site

Learn the basics (and importance) of making personalized videos for the web that will help build your brand.

How To Write A Knockout CV

Struggling to create a curriculum vitae (CV) that highlights your hard work? We’ll help you discover the secrets to building a stellar CV.

Self-Publishing: How To Get Started

Learn about the benefits (and potential risks) of self-publishing. How to choose between self-publishing and traditional publishing.

Self-Publishing: How to Write Your First Book

This beginner-level webinar is designed to help first-time authors get through the nitty-gritty of writing their first book.

Self-Publishing: How To Market Your Book

Want to get people reading your book? Learn the best strategies for marketing your self-published book.

Public Speaking

In 1991, Robert Bjork, PhD, declared our field must “give psychology away.” In this presentation, learn how to become a public speaker as a mental health professional.

Writing For The Web

Learn web-friendly writing techniques, the value of online publishing outside of academia, strategies for creating excellent content, methods and venues for getting published.

Create A Compelling Website

Learn about affordable options for designing and hosting a website, the basic ingredients that all psychologist websites need, web design principles, and the ins and outs (and pros and cons) of running a blog.

Attract Search Traffic

Once you have a website you need visitors — aka traffic. Learn about SEO and how to be successful at it, the pros and cons of Google Ads advertising (and some basic tips) and how to create a search strategy that fits your goals.

Online Marketing Strategies

Learn where you should focus your marketing efforts, how to evaluate the performance of various online marketing strategies, and put yourself on a path towards sustained improvement in regards to online marketing.

Marketing Yourself On Linkedin

Learn how to build a profile on LinkedIn, as well as best practices for building a personal website. Receive tips on finding and joining organizational Listservs.

You made it all the way to the end? Congrats! I have no more webinars for you, but here’s a six-minute concert to make your day better. Put it in full screen and just enjoy – trust me 🙂