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As a therapist, your work matters. Every time a client comes into your office, they have the potential to leave transformed.

I founded Marketing For Therapists to help you bring that transformation to as many clients as possible. When we help your practice grow, we help you deepen your impact on the world – and that’s something I take very seriously.

That’s why I recruited the best possible marketing team I can find. I sought out folks with an exceptional depth of technical expertise, and a genuine drive to serve the therapists who trust us with their marketing. And I personally work with each client also, offering the knowledge I’ve gained from my long marketing career and my own clinical practice.

I don’t think you’re going to find a better team to help your practice thrive, and I’m excited to share with you all the ways we might work together.

Our Services

Below, I’ve listed all of the services we offer. Keep reading to get an overview of each service, or click through to the service page to get a detailed explanation (or sign up!).

If you’re not sure what services are right for you, just skip to the end of this page and I’ll help you out 🙂

Without further ado, here’s what we offer:

Google Ads Management

Google Ads is the flagship service offered by Marketing For Therapists. It’s a great fit for most therapists, because it allows you to reach new clients right at the moment they’re searching for you. The instant that someone searches for “depression therapist” or any other service you offer – boom, your ad can appear and take them to the perfect part of your website.

Moreover, Google Ads includes advanced targeting tools to allow you to better target your ideal client. Want to reach clients who can afford your private pay rates? Know the exact zip codes where your ideal clients reside? Google Ads makes it effortless to reach your desired audience.

Our Google Ads packages start at $1,650 for setup and launch. There are no ongoing management contracts, you can adjust your budget or pause your ads at any time, and you own the account completely – giving you full transparency, control, and flexibility.

Ready to unleash a steady flow of new clients? Just follow the link below and get all the details!

SEO Management

I’ll say this up front – SEO is not for everyone. It requires sustained effort and investment across several months before you see significant results.

But when you reach those results? It can be absolutely transformational.

If you’re looking towards the future of your practice and you want a durable source of referrals that will last for the long term, I strongly encourage you to check out our SEO services. Your future self will thank you 🙂

Our SEO services start at $1000 for a one-time optimization or $500 per month for an ongoing optimization plan. We offer a free customized SEO consultation and encourage you to take full advantage of that before signing up for any services.

Interested in investing for the future? Learn about our SEO services below!

Content Writing

In therapy, the therapeutic relationship is the biggest driver of positive results for the client. In online marketing, your content plays a similar role.

A client will choose between you and your competitors based on the content on your site. Your content writing also plays a huge role in your SEO success – not to mention the profitability of your advertising campaigns.

Unfortunately, most therapists struggle to write good content. Few therapists know the specific writing style that spurs website visitors to book their first session. And even if you are a great writer, filling your entire site with great content is a hefty drain on your time and energy.

That’s why we’re proud to offer customized, best-in-class content writing. We use a unique model where our content is produced by a brilliant wordsmith and then reviewed by a licensed psychologist (yours truly) to make sure it is clinically sound.

Our content writing costs $250 per topic for short summary pages, and $425 per topic for full-length pages.

Curious if content writing is the missing ingredient to your marketing success? Tap the button below to find out!

Affordable Website Design

The renowned psychoanalyst Donald Winnicot developed the idea of the “good enough” parent. He recognized that parents didn’t need to be perfect to ensure their child would flourish – they just needed to be “good enough”

Here at Marketing For Therapists, we’ve developed the idea of the “good enough” website. We recognize that while a super fancy website is great, sometimes you just need an affordable site that does the basics right.

That’s why we’re proud to offer affordable website design for a one-time fee of just $1500 per website. If you need extra help, it’s just $150 per hour. No hidden fees, no ongoing costs other than web hosting. You own 100% of your website, and if we part ways you keep all the work we’ve done.

Looking for something more elaborate or customized? We can do that too. Just let us know your needs and we’ll provide you with a personalized quote.

If you’re ready for a great website, we’re here to help. Click the button below and see what we can offer!

Social Media Management

Social media plays a critical role in your online marketing. It’s important to reach clients where they’re at – and for most clients, that means being on social media.

Unfortunately, social media is a pain to maintain. It takes time to pump out regular content, and unless you love researching hashtags, it’s probably time you’d prefer to spend doing something else.

It’s also challenging to get good results. While anyone can fire off a tweet, getting good results with social media means blending organic and paid strategies and targeting data-driven results without sacrificing the qualitative feel of your brand.

That’s where we come in. We’ll take over all aspects of your social media for you, freeing up your time and making sure you’re getting the best possible results. We make sure our content fits your practice and connects with your clients – and we keep you in the loop so you always feel in control of how we’re representing you.

Want all the benefits of social media, with none of the work? Tap below!

Leadership & Business Consulting

We’re proud of the many services we offer to help you market your practice. But sometimes, your practice needs more than just marketing.

That’s where our leadership and business consulting comes in. If you need a trusted guide to help you navigate financial challenges, explore new opportunities, establish your niche, or unlock the potential of your team – then you need a leadership consultant.

This consulting is especially relevant for therapists who are leading a group practice. But even therapists who are just starting out may want to consider it. Just as a little therapy early on can help provide a client with tools they need to avoid a mental health crisis down the road, a little coaching at the early stages of your practice can set you on a course to much greater future success.

If you’re curious about consulting, it costs just $150 for your first one-hour call. After that, you’ll pay between $250 and $400 per call, depending on how many you sign up for.

Not sure if you’re ready for consulting? Tap the button below and get the facts!

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