Customer Policies

Equal investment in all customers.

My goal with Marketing for Therapists is to provide all of my clients with the same quality of service. However, some clients request significantly more customer support than others – needing ongoing changes to their accounts, wanting frequent updates on account performance, etc. Rather than raise my rates on all clients to account for this extra support time, I’ve instituted a customer service policy which provides free customer support for common issues while charging for requests that require significant extra time on my part.

Most clients never need support that goes beyond what is included for free. But if you do need additional support, it is billed at my hourly rate of $220, with a minimum charge of 15 minutes (or $50). Read on to see my policy for email support, phone consultations, revisions, and refunds.

Email Policy

There are certain cases in which customer service is 100% free. Those scenarios are:

  • If something is wrong (you notice a typo in an ad, your website changed and so an ad is landing on an outdated page, you receive a notice than an ad was disapproved, etc.)
  • If something has changed in your business that requires your AdWords account to be updated (for instance, you move office locations and need to change your location targeting.)
  • If you want to pause or unpause your account, or if you want to change your account budget.
  • If you have questions about your monthly account performance update.
  • You want an update on your account performance (Concierge package only)
  • If your account is still under construction and you are providing information to help me build it.
  • If you are a prospective client inquiring about a service, or a current client asking about a new service.
  • If you have a tiny request that will take three minutes or less

These above categories cover most requests that I receive, and so most therapists never pay additional cost for customer support. In addition, most requests that are outside these boundaries are actually not that helpful to your account performance – very few of the custom changes that clients have requested for their accounts have yielded significant benefit (because if there was a change that would significantly improve your performance, I would already have done it!)

If you do have a support request that goes outside these boundaries, it is billed at my standard hourly rate. I’ll ask you for confirmation before completing a request that I’ll have to charge for, so you’ll never be taken by surprise by something you thought was included but was not.

Phone Policy

I enjoy chatting with therapists, and I know that many clients also appreciate the opportunity to talk with me live. However, because my time is so limited – and because I want to give equal investment to all clients, not just the ones who are proactive about scheduling phone calls – I have instituted a simple phone policy.

I offer a free 20-minute consultation call to prospective clients, which is limited to questions about my services (not general marketing consulting.) If you’d like to talk to me longer than that, or if you’d like general marketing consulting I charge my standard hourly rate for the additional time (of course, I’ll ask permission before we go longer so there are no surprises.)

Revision Policy

With both Adwords and content writing, your setup package includes one revision (such as changing ad text or rewriting a paragraph of your content). For all revisions past the first, we bill at our standard hourly rate, with a minimum time of 30 minutes.

Of course, if we made a mistake, then we will fix it no charge. This revision policy only covers situations in which you want a change to good quality work that fit the specifications you provided.

Refund Policy

While most of my clients receive very positive results from my marketing efforts, I cannot guarantee success. As a result, I cannot offer refunds in situations where I provided good quality work that fit the specifications you provided. Therefore, you should carefully consider if you can afford to risk your AdWords investment, and only hire me if you are prepared for the possibility of losing the money you invest.

However, there are three situations in which I do offer refunds.

  • If a significant mistake was made, I will fix it at no charge, or provide a refund.
  • If the work I have done for you is not yet complete and you decide to cancel your order, I will refund a pro-rated amount based on how much I have completed.
  • If I have not completed a project more than a week after the timeframe I quoted you, you may cancel the order and receive a full refund (even if I have completed a portion of it.)

Final Thoughts

My hope is that this policy will help all my clients get the best possible service and the best possible results. There are other marketing providers who offer unlimited customer support, and if constant communication or frequent requests are important to you, then I may not be the best fit for you. However, my hope is that – just as setting boundaries around the therapeutic relationship leads to better outcomes for clients – you will find that these policies will help yield marketing results that you are very excited about.